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Our goal is to create custom designed mouthguards for athletes of all ages and levels of competition. We leverage state-of-the-art technology so that our mouthguards can offer better protection for athletes allowing them to continue enjoying their passion for sports longer.

Sportsguard Laboratories Mouthguard Making Services

Our Services

We create custom mouthguards for athletes, no matter what the sport. Provide us with either a full arch digital scan of the mouth/jaw/teeth structure of an athlete or send us the traditional stone mold. From either of those, we will build a custom fit Sportsguard Mouthguard out of our patented PolyShok™ material.

Sportsguard Laboratories Mouthguard Making Information

Our Mouthguards

Sportsguard mouthguards are completely customizable. First, we customize the fit to ensure proper protection while still allowing  the athlete to drink and talk naturally. Then, we take customization to the extreme – with up to 3 color choices, and the options to add text, logo, jersey number... whatever. Send us the art and we'll put it on the mouthguard.

Sportsguard Laboratories Mouthguard Making History

Our History

Since 1996, over forty professional sports organizations along with numerous youth and amateur sports stars have helped us grow into an industry leader. Using technology to drive our passion, it led us to co-develop PolyShok - a high impact polymer that provides more shock absorption than any comparable mouthguard material. We continue to integrate new technology to develop the best mouthguards on the planet.

Why PolyShok™?
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85% more energy absorbency than our leading competitor!

Better Mouthguard Material

PolyShok™ is a proprietary blend of plastic designed specifically to create better athletic mouthguards. It has the unique properties of being able to form to the mouth at low temperatures. The result is a soft, comfortable mouthguard that absorbs more destructive force than other athletic mouthguards by transmitting less force to the teeth and jaw.

Proven Protection

As a high-impact polymer, PolyShokTM provides more shock absorption than any other comparable material in use today. PolyShok™ has been tested by American Standards in Testing and Measurements (ASTM) to be over 150% more shock absorbent than leading traditional mouthguard (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) materials. These results are reproducible in any ASTM certified lab in the country.

PolyShok Mouthguard Material Absorbs More Impact Energy

Our Mouthguards
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Sportsguard Mouthguards are custom fit and available in a variety of styles. Offering protection for adults and children no matter what the sport.

Each Sportsguard Mouthguard can be customized. Choose up to 3 colors and add text, logo, jersey number... whatever. Download the Custom Design Template for more information about customization and to get a price quote.

  • BIOguard II Mouthguard - Sportsguard Laboratories

    BIOguard I

    2 Layers of PolyShok™
    Thickness 3mm (Approx.)

  • BIOguard II Mouthguard - Sportsguard Laboratories

    BIOguard II

    2 Layers of PolyShok™
    Thickness 4mm (Approx.)

  • BIOguard III Mouthguard - Sportsguard Laboratories

    BIOguard III

    3 Layers of PolyShok™
    Over Maxillary Anterior
    Thickness 4mm (Approx.)

  • BIOguard Youth Mouthguard - Sportsguard Laboratories

    BIOguard Y

    2 Layers of PolyShok™
    Thickness 2.5mm (Approx.)

  • BIOguard Training and Work Out Mouthguard - Sportsguard Laboratories


    2 Layers of PolyShok™
    Thickness 3mm (Approx.)
    Posterior ShokPads

Which Sportsguard Mouthguard is Right for the Sport You Play

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  • Mouthguard for Sports Example 02
  • Mouthguard for Sports Example 03
  • Mouthguard for Sports Example 04
  • Mouthguard for Sports Example 05
  • Mouthguard for Sports Example 06
  • Mouthguard for Sports Example 07
  • Mouthguard for Sports Example 08
  • Mouthguard for Sports Example 09
  • Mouthguard for Sports Example 10
  • Mouthguard for Sports Example 11
  • Mouthguard for Sports Example 12

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Please download our dentist work order [.pdf] to get started. It contains detailed information about the mouthguard styles and options, pricing, the Custom Design Template, and instructions on how to upload your 3D Image using the CEREC Connect system.

Note: If you ordering a mouthguard with custom art work, you will need to email us your completed Custom Design Template and digital art work (if necessary) so that we may accurately quote a cost. Thank you.

Download the SLI dentist work order [.pdf] and information packet.


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